Welcome to DIT - Duisburg Intermodal Terminal

Trimodality specialized for our customers

Increasing quantities of freight are transported in containers. It is the efficient way to combine different freight flows into competitive transport chains, including Pre and/or after landtransports. DIT's location at the intersection of major North-South and West-East connections for shipping, rail and trucks provides the best options.

Rail and inland waterway transport flows via DIT

Good functioning rail and ship connections have absolute priority at DIT. The larger part of the container handled in Duisburg come and and go by train or ship. Every week, there are connections to other European destinations and seaports. DIT is constantly trying to expand its services.

We arrange an optimal traffic flow

A lot of transportation in the future will be made by truck. Despite high traffic density, increasing restrictions and rising financial costs, transport by truck is competitive at a short distance. DIT strives to find solutions to avoid road traffic in favor of transport via water and rail. However, it is necessary for the delivery of containers in Duisburg area. The immediate proximity to 5 motorways and numerous federal roads provides good connections to many European cities.

The competitive advantage for our customers

A highly efficient mixture of different transport modes, reliable and cost-effective. Should you have further questions, please contact our staff. We are happy to help you


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